We built this V-ROD CUSTOM 13 years ago in 2004.
This was the first time for us to do a serious V-ROD custom build.

When I visited W&W CYCLES in Germany in November 2003, I happened to see a photo of this V-ROD in a German custom bike magazine.
This Custom V-ROD had been built by Custom Shop : VIOLATOR MOTORCYCLES which was an up-and-coming shop in the Netherlands at the time.
I was deeply impacted by the style of this machine which was imbued with the CHOPPER spirit and showed a new direction for V-ROD custom.

At the time I was totally devoted to Made in Europe machines and deeply involved with work on the Japanese custom scene that kept me immersed in them,
and I remember very well feeling like it was my mission to tell all the Japanese Harley fans about this incredible new style that had such an impact on me.

Notwithstanding our profession that “in the spirit of admiration we have recreated the V-ROD custom built by VIOLATOR MOTORCYCLES of the Netherlands”,
our work was branded by the people at Harley magazine in Japan as being unsuitable for coverage because of its being a perfect copy of VIOLATOR MOTORCYCLES,
and it was very frustrating for awhile, but we were able to get the V-ROD seen at a number of different Custom Shows at the time,
and so in the end I was able to share the incredible inspiration I had gotten in Germany with a fair number of people.
Looking back now I really do feel glad that we built this V-ROD Custom.