Regarding participation in “in FREE”

To all H-D associates

Announcing a new media for delivering the latest information about the Harley-Davidson® Custom Scene to end user all over the world, posted by a diverse range of global professionals involved in Harley-Davidson®. This is “ inFREE ”. In addition, inFREE is in powerful cooperation with the BAD LAND Facebook page with “2,500,000 Likes”, to share your contributions one by one on the same page!! On a worldwide scale, it has an explosive diffusion ability, and the system and power to generate views!!

With a superior responsive desgin adapted for smartphone and tablet, this is sure to contribute greatly to increasing traffic to your web site, blog, or facobook page, etc. You should take the opportunity to participate in this new owned media “ inFREE ”!!

◯ Participation in “ inFREE ” is free of charge.

◯ If you are an industry associate / merchant vendor involved with Harley-Davidson®, regardless of genre, you will be eligible.

– If you are a Ex ) : H-D Custom Shop / H-D official Dealer / Parts Maker / Apparel / Media, etc.,

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In order for you to participate in “inFREE”, you must register your e-mail address.

◯ And would like to participate in “ inFREE ” , please contact us via

◯ Please note that in some cases, depending on your industry/business status, you may not be eligible for participation.

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The picture below is a story from our own BAD LAND’s Owned Media : RHAPSODY which we released even before inFREE utilizing the same Web System : dino as inFREE, but we got a surge in regular traffic from smartphone users by linking to the “2,500,000 Likes” BADLAND Facebook page. As a result, we were successful in obtaining phenomenal PVs !!

▶︎ Reference site : BADLAND’s owned media : RHAPSODY






inFREE : Participation agreement

The goal of “inFree“, inFree” is to work together as a collective group to increase the flow of users to all kinds of web media owned by both groups and individuals participating in “inFree”. Another purpose is to further develop Harley-Davidson® Custom on a global scale through “inFree”. At “inFree”, we have determined that an indispensable part of achieving these goals is the posting and sharing of individual articles on various Social Networks, both now and in the future, by rights holders as well as numerous unspecified users.

Copyright-related laws, ordinanaces, and regulations are entrusted to the judgment of each country as well as any individual parties concerned. “inFree” hereby states that it bears no responsibility whatsoever for the handling of copyright or for copyright infringement disputes, etc. Participation in “inFree” is limited to groups and individuals consenting to the terms stipulated above. By sending your e-mail address as a necessary step in the registration process to this company, PRESENCE / BAD LAND Ltd., the operator of “inFREE”, you consent to the terms of this agreement.