My day off…

The store that I manage, Harley Davidson Custom Shop : BAD LAND, is closed every Wednesday. Many shop, are closed on Wednesdays in our line of business. So, the other day, I had lunch at a soba restaurant called Issan, in Moto-Machi, Yokomohama. However, nothing is better than drinking a beer at lunchtime. For me, I have a beer at lunchtime every Wednesday! It seems that is what I work for really.

The other day I had a beer bottle of YEBISU. Yes yes, apparently on every YEBISU beer label there is a picture of two Pacific sea bream. Among the fan, this is called “lucky YEBISU]”, and it is held in high esteem. Did you know this?


■ YUBA : delicacy composed of fresh layers of the skin of soy milk. In Japan, they call yuba lifted from boiling soy milk fresh yuba (or hikiage – lifted – yuba) and, aside from using it as an ingredient for cooking, eat it as is without cooking, which is referred to as ‘yuba sashimi.



■ Soba / Hot version : It is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour.


■ Tempura : It is a classic Japanese dish of deep fried lightly-battered vegetables or seafood.


■ Soba / Cold version. It’s my favorite!!■ Soba / Cold version. It’s my favorite!!