BAD LAND Movie!! Produced by HOT BIKE

BAD LAND Movie   Feel our passion!!!
▷Produced by HOT BIKE

Bad land representative arrowhead Keiichi Kuwai who opened in 1999 is an authority who pulls the Euro custom scene in Japan. Impression is received at the work of the custom builder that meets in Germany, it introduces products that they of the extremities of the high quality parts handle to Japan promptly, and it is a ringleader to be sensational of the custom scene in our country. He is not a pasted custom builder. It is a producer of the custom machine that the bud land produces if it says. Of course, the promotion of the shop is handled. The beautiful photograph published in the website in this shop was what he took, and a special studio in which it took a picture of the motorcycle was started up recently. It is exactly a skill of a professional losing. To produce a high-end machine from which “Custom with the necessity” is not consumed to the indicator at time, it keeps being enthusiastic about the next plan construction.