NEW!! BADLAND Original : Mirror Tip “LIN” for OEM Mirror! It only took 5 seconds to attach!!

The Harley Davidson OEM Mirror, is a mirror that won’t be surpassed in visibility by any other custom mirror. Aesthetically, it may not look the best, but with a large design to match the huge Harley Davidson body, it excels in practical use, making it very easy to see around you. Even though there are many customers who love the OEM Mirror, this newly released parts has started to steal the limelight in their conversations.

– OEM Mirrors can see well and are easy to use… but they don’t have very good looks, do they?
– I think that as well. Do you have any good ideas, Mr. Kuwai?

It’s been almost half a year since I started to think about that… And as a result, I finally got the idea for this mirror tip. However, it took me 7 tries to get the overall size, the design for each part of the mirror, and the finish just right. In any case, difficulty in finishing is just to be expected from these kinds of small parts.

This means then when you try actually attaching the mirror tip to your Harley-Davidson, the Harley’s entire shape and image will loook really Cool! Even though these parts are so tiny, they have a huge effect on the overall image that will surprise everyone.

For attaching these mirror tips, we gave all sorts of methods a try. In the end, we decided to use 3M vehicle-use super-strong double-sided tape. Just because it’s tape, you mustn’t make light of it! It solidly sticks things together without giving an inch… and it only took 5 seconds to attach!! As a side note, when you’re attaching the mirror tip to your bike, please make sure to wipe away all oil from the mirror stem.

BADLAND’s Mirror Tip : LIN is due to go on sale at the end of January 2015. And of course, we’re able to ship it to anywhere in the world. All, stay tuned!!

[Mirror Tip “LIN” for OEM Mirror / Sold in pairs : Made by BADLAND]
MT 1-001 : Mirror Tip “LIN” / Short, 75mm
MT 1-002 : Mirror Tip “LIN” / Long, 100mm
– Alumi. Billet
– Black anodized & Contrast Cut Finish

[How to order] : BAD LAND EC-SITE ⇨ Mirror Tip “LIN”

We can deliver this Mirror Tip “LIN” all over the world via the most affordable transportation method, EMS. When we ship products to you, our EC system does not allow us to settle accounts unless we enter an EMS tracking number that is individually assigned. So, please place an order with a sense of security. Also, once shipping of your order has been completed, we will send you a copy of the EMS slip of your order via email. Your racking number is listed on the slip, so you can track your package on the EMS web site at any time